George Wendt is not Jeff Garlin…apparently

So last night a few friends and I attended a gallery exhibit in Santa Monica for Ben Folds (of Ben Folds Five).  Who would have known he was such a talented photographer?

It was a good crowd of about 50-75 during the time we were there.  While we were enjoying the wine and walking around the exhibit in walks Jeff Garlin, whom I immediately pointed out to my friends as “Norm” from Cheers…  It was about a 50% split on those who thought it was George Wendt (Norm) and the other 50% said “no” he’s the guy from “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, to which the “it’s definitely Norm” group all agreed that Norm was on Curb Your Enthusiasm too.  It was all very confusing.

We never did talk with him to straighten the whole thing out…but it can’t be the first time this has happened.

Seriously look at these guys:



not norm

Not Norm












Not saying they are identical twins – but have 4 glasses of wine and look again.


Hacker news…

Well…the site got hacked.

Initially I suspected David Cassidy..or Justin Beiber, or maybe “The Industry” just doesn’t want these stories out there.  I had a flash of self importance for a second.. then I looked at the logs.   Damnit.. it was just some mindless bot injection.

My .php files keep getting a ton of garbage code written to them.  I delete it and then it magically propagates again.  I took the site down over the weekend and reinstalled – I lost a couple posts and all of your comments (sorry people) – there were some great comments too.

After the installation – the malicious code is back.  Damn it.

Unfortunately I am going to be out of town for a couple weeks and totally off the I’ll have to tackle this when I get back.

In the mean time – If you come to the site and it shows porn – I’m sorry, or YOUR WELCOME!  Looking at my logs, for some reason I see visitors landing on pages like:  <— what the hell?  I don’t recall writing that post…maybe I was drinking, it sounds like something I would be interested in.  Either way can’t seem to find where this page is in my code…