An Interview With Nick Metropolis

If you live in Los Angeles you probably know who Nick Metropolis is or at least you have seen his amazing store on the corner of 1st and La Brea. It’s the one right on the corner, bursting with interesting Hollywood memorabilia, signs and furniture. I remember when I first moved to Los Angeles, I would drive down La Brea and would always think “I really need to check that place out”. Well, I checked it out alright.

Nick’s place is even more amazing once you start exploring it. At first there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to any of it. It’s a kaleidoscope of cool stuff. Deep sea divers helmet from some movie set here, a one of a kind lamp there and a huge metal dinosaur over there… but I think I have the system figured out. After much observation I think the inventory system is something like a flow chart. Step one: Does it fit here? If yes: Put it here. If No: Find another place. This leads to an amazing journey for all of the customers. It’s like a giant treasure hunt. However, if you are looking for something specific just ask Nick or anyone else and they know right where to go.

Nick himself is quite a treasure. I have gotten to know him over the last 3 or 4 months as I was building my mobile talk show thing. He is an amazing guy who knows everyone – from the homeless people he helps out on a daily basis to Hollywood superstars. Nick was generous enough to grant me an interview and he had some great stories to share.

Sorry about the sound quality it’s a bit low – one of the mics wasn’t working… still learning and still failing.