This director is a jerk…oh wait, that’s the joke.

I was between gigs at one point and looking for side work till my show picked up again. I got a last minute call by a friend who was producing web segment called “PG Porn” with James Gunn as the director. I didn’t know anything about the project or the director, I was just told to show up on set the following morning an I did. The “set” was at a Motel 6 on Western Blvd…

I get there not really knowing anyone and the director is being an over dramatic asshole. Every two seconds he was yelling at the actors, insulting their intelligence, and just being a huge asshole in general. Alan Tudyk was one of the actors and the director kept stopping the scene and screaming about his accent and how his region was off. At once point an extra was looking into the camera and he called him a peace of shit and then kicked him off the set! The whole day was like this.

Again I didn’t really know anyone on set so I just kept my head down and did my job and made every effort to keep out of the line of sight of this insane douche of a director. Little did I know it was all part of the short…

– Kittysprinkles

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