Ex-Chimney Sweep Almost Goes Up In Smoke

In a cruel twist of irony, actor and legend Dick Van Dyke was rescued from his burning car yesterday afternoon by a passing motorist. Thankfully he was alright and even kept his sense of humor about the incident – he later tweeted “Used Jag for sale REAL CHEAP!!”

He is best known for his roles in film and T.V. shows like “The Mary Tyler Moore Show”, “The Dick Van Dyke Show” and of course “Mary Poppins”.

Ironically he is also known for his series of Public Service Announcements for fire safety – “Learn Not To Burn”. For anyone old enough to remember the ’70’s and early 80’s, you will remember these popular PSA’s playing on television all the time. I don’t recall any of the TV spots recommending slumping over your steering wheel in the event of a car fire… I thought that tactic was to be used in the event of a bear attack.

Now someone PLEASE sign Paris Hilton, Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian to do a series of PSA’s that focus on Spontaneous Human Combustion.

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