The Great Avatar Virus

I was one of the lead virtual cinema artists (I won’t explain, not necessary for the story) on Avatar and I’m sitting on a huge virtual stage (Howard Hughes before it became the YouTube studio) and I’m in one of the rows of computers behind Jim as he’s shooting.

We go for about an hour when one of the guys runs toward the direction of the bathroom and projectile vomits into a trash can because he couldn’t quite make it. I shrug it off, put my headphones to drown out all the stage sounds on and concentrate on work.

Two hours later, I check email and there’s this loooong thread of “going home sick” mails and I’m thinking WTF? I turn and notice the guy that sits next to me is gone and I turn around and Jim isn’t shooting. I go talk to the few guys nearby and apparently everyone started vomiting and getting sick, and JIm is in a back room lying down. Suddenly the animation director runs in and yells for everyone to go home. Someone found one of the assistant editors passed out in a hallway with throw-up all over herself. I go home thinking “YAY FREE DAY OFF!” A couple of hours later while I’m getting ready to go out clubbing I have this sudden need to run to the bathroom and…BOOM… I puke and crap myself simultaneously, almost didn’t make it.

Turns out it was norovirus. Something like 96 of us affected…out of 120.

– Anonymous

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