Hacker news…

Well…the site got hacked.

Initially I suspected David Cassidy..or Justin Beiber, or maybe “The Industry” just doesn’t want these stories out there.  I had a flash of self importance for a second.. then I looked at the logs.   Damnit.. it was just some mindless bot injection.

My .php files keep getting a ton of garbage code written to them.  I delete it and then it magically propagates again.  I took the site down over the weekend and reinstalled – I lost a couple posts and all of your comments (sorry people) – there were some great comments too.

After the installation – the malicious code is back.  Damn it.

Unfortunately I am going to be out of town for a couple weeks and totally off the grid..so I’ll have to tackle this when I get back.

In the mean time – If you come to the site and it shows porn – I’m sorry, or YOUR WELCOME!  Looking at my logs, for some reason I see visitors landing on pages like:  http://failingatfamous.com/page/2/?zde=64-nude-hot-beach-babes-pics  <— what the hell?  I don’t recall writing that post…maybe I was drinking, it sounds like something I would be interested in.  Either way can’t seem to find where this page is in my code…



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