I Think I Love Booze – David Cassidy

…So apparently David Cassidy got stopped by police for failing to dim his headlights sometime after midnight on Wednesday morning in upstate New York.

So, I had a few road pops..This still isn’t as bad as Danny Bonaduce

So, I had a few road pops..This still isn’t as bad as Danny Bonaduce

As the story goes, when the police approached the car, Mr. Cassidy greeted the officer with “What’s new pussycat?” – which is an old Tom Jones song…  The officer then detected a whiff of alcohol and pulled him out the car and submitted a field sobriety test.  It seems that the test didn’t go very well and Mr. Cassidy got hit with a felony DWI – which of course sucks.  As it turns out, he already had one of those – issued by the State of Florida in Feb of 2011.

Here is the best part of the story – the arresting Officers name is Tom Jones – as in What’s new pussycat?  Come on!  How impaired could be possibly have been to have read the Officers name tag then have the mental fortitude to come up with that greeting on the spot?  Now in fairness, we haven’t seen the video of the arrest (if there is one) and the interaction might have been more like – “HEY YUR TOMSH JOOONES!  WASH NEW PRUSSY CAAHAT?  Or maybe just a blank stare that lasted a long and uncomfortable amount of time until he got his thoughts together then just blurted it out.  Regardless of how it all went down we still think he should get come consideration for creativity.

On Sept 4th he is scheduled to appear in court and make his plea to Honorable Judge Neil Diamond.

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