I’ll bet that Rachael Ray is really nice.

Guess which one will rip your face off.

Guess which one will rip your face off.

While I was a starving actor I used to work in security at a mall on the West side to make ends meet. One day, Rachael Ray comes in to do a book signing for her new cookbook. In those days, the security office was accessible directly from the parking garage, so many VIP’s

came in and waited in the security office so they wouldn’t be mobbed. Since the office was just one large room, we just sat in silence as I went about my job.

To break the tension, I thought; “hey, let’s try and strike up a conversation!” I asked her how her day was going, and without even turning her head from her blackberry, she said “don’t you talk to me.” What a bitch.

-Unemployed Actor

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