Rapper gets bad rap

Working on a rapper’s movie, one day we all showed up to set and were getting the day started. Finally it was pretty much time to shoot and still no sign of the talent. He had a habit of rolling in a bit late, but when the producers called his manager they were told, “Oh, he flew to Texas to do a show.”

Yes, he left the state and nobody told the producers.

So we figure, ok, time to shoot pickups with the sidekicks and lesser characters, played by his posse of course. The manager says, “Oh, his boys went with him.”

Yes, he also took the supporting cast with him.

Now the other lead was not one of his boys and was a comic (and pain in the ass). We figure, ok, let’s call him to come in early and at least we can get his shots out of the way before lunch. Nope. Apparently he heard about the Texas trip and decided to fly to Ohio. I shit you not, our leads and supporting cast all left the state without telling anyone.

Now the payroll was coming out of the rapper’s pocket, so I guess he can do whatever he wants. That day I got paid to sit around and play Risk and Scrabble with the sound department and a grip. Finally after 8 they sent us home.

Other memorable events from that shoot include:

The supporting lead physically attacked one of the producers one day.

The posse overflowed the star trailer and started pissing in the street outside.

They also grabbed the second meal food and took it all into the star’s trailer. At this point the crew said, “Fuck you amateur assholes” and we started walking away. Have fun putting away all that expensive equipment out here in the hood in the middle of the night assholes. (The producers got another second meal and made sure the posse didn’t carry it off).

Moral of the story: Never work a rap movie. Sure the stories are funny, but only a decade later.

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