Sharon Stones ‘Basic Instinct’ is to be a bitch.

Sharon Stone – Ugh, I worked for her as her personal assistant for a couple of months and I’m pretty sure she’s my least favorite person on the entire PLANET. She was a complete bitch all the time, yelled at me for everything, unless she wasn’t yelling, at which point she was belittling me.SharonStone-300x232

I have so many stories about her…how she made me buy food for her kids, but bitched me out for not getting the right color sherbet. Meanwhile, she had to call the nanny to ask what food they ate and juice they liked. Then she asked if I’d ever heard of juice that comes in individual sized boxes. The nanny told her the kids liked those, but she’d never heard of them before.

She was feeling nice one day and decided I needed a makeover. She took my face in her hands and told me if I just shaved my unibrow and bleached my mustache, a man might finally love me. I wanted to be like, “bitch, I’ve had relationships longer than your first marriage.”

She made me work 15-17 hour days, then refused to pay me overtime, claiming those hours were normal in show business and who dare told me 8 hours was normal. I called her manager who told me to ignore her, that she (the manager) would take care of my checks.

Argh, this is bringing up so many terrible memories!!

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