Be sure to floss too!

When I first came to LA I landed a PA job for a B-List director. I was pretty excited and jumped into the job with gusto (I was pretty naive). My enthusiasm soon faded when it was obvious that my job mainly consisted of being his personal errand boy and human punching bag.


Making dinner reservations then getting angry calls about how much he “hated” the restaurant for whatever reason, driving around town running errands and picking things up and getting angry calls about how long it’s taking, screening calls, screening emails and setting up schedules were all pretty much daily events.

The lowest moment came at a private dinner party at his house. At this point I had been working for him for about 9 months. It was attended by about 15+ other Hollywood celebs, and executives. Dinner was served, interesting conversation and the wine was flowing and I was really enjoying myself. Apparently he detected that I was enjoying myself and that was clearly unacceptable. So in the middle of dinner he announces that I need to go brush his dogs teeth…RIGHT NOW. What? Up till that moment I wasn’t even aware that his dog had a tooth brush… What an asshole. My job search went into high gear immediately following that, I quit about a week later and thankfully went on to do much better things.

– Anonymous Producer

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