Awkward encounter with Mark Hamill at an Oscar Party.

I haven’t been in the industry for very long and thankfully I haven’t had too many run ins with total douchebags…yet. I have had some interesting encounters and this one might be my most awkward and embarrassing story so far.

In 2011 I was new to Los Angeles and was fortunate enough to get invited to the Oscar party for the movie “The Fighter”. The party was being held at an amazing private home and it was pretty much exactly what you would imagine an “Oscar party” to be like, open bars everywhere, great food, red carpet and celebrities everywhere. Now I’m not one who gets “star struck”, in fact I don’t even recognize most celebs when I see them.

The party was in full swing and everyone was drinking and having a good time. I knew a handful of people at the party, which is how I got on the guest list to begin with, and we were standing around talking in this little circle (about 4 of us). As we continued to chat, other guest who knew my friends would join us, introductions were made and our circle would get larger. 3 more guys come over and joins us, I was introduced to Mark, Marvin Gaye III and his son, the conversation continued, mostly industry talk, what projects everyone was working on…etc. I didn’t have much to add but I was enjoying myself and mainly just listening.

In fairness, he looks nothing like this now. He didn't even have his lightsaber with him.

In fairness, he looks nothing like this now. He didn’t even have his lightsaber with him.

After about 30 minutes or so, I needed a new drink and asked if anyone else needed anything. “Mark” offered to come with me to the┬ábar to help out. We chatted about whatever while we waited in line, got our drinks and went back to our group. About a hour later (and about 5 more drinks) someone in the group says something to this Mark guy and I get this “..wait a minute…” thought and my drunk brain starts connecting fuzzy dots… suddenly I figure out who this Mark guy is and without thinking and in a way too loud/ drunk /excited 12 year old girl voice I exclaim “HOLE-LEE SHIT! You’re Luke Skywalker! I had your lunch box!”. Realizing what the hell I just said I was mortified and just as shocked as everyone else. Everyone around me stops talking for a second and then just bursts out laughing and Marvin Gaye III shoots his drink though his nose. (Note to reader: When I say “everyone around me” I mean EVERYONE within a 25 foot radius, not just the people in my group). For the rest of the night random people would give me shit about it (in a funny way).

After he got done laughing and wiping the tears from his eyes, Mark Hamill was really awesome about it as was everyone else and we hung out for the rest of the night. As I later found out, the other members of my little circle of new friends consisted of studio heads, the writer of “The Fighter” (which I did know) some pretty famous producers, a big finance guy and some major agent from CAA (or somewhere)… I’m so oblivious.

About 6 months later I was at a private, underground poker party at another private house and Mark Hamill walks in. He sees me and asks if I brought my lunch box. Very cool guy.

– I’m an idiot

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